According to experts, accounting professionals will be in demand this year due to their data analysis, communication, and tech skills.

Benjamin Jotkowitz, the head of the recruitment firm Benneaux, noted that finding good accountants is always a challenge.

Despite the high demand for accountants, it is still vital for people to develop their skills and attitudes toward change to maintain their long-term careers in the field.

Embrace Technology

According to Jotkowitz, people should not be afraid of technology. Software skills are essential in accounting. In the past, employers would typically only ask for software proficiency. Nowadays, they expect more technical prowess. People should also develop a good understanding of accounting-specific software such as Xero or Hyperion.

According to Rosie Cairnes, the regional director of Skillsoft in Australia and New Zealand, accountants should embrace technology instead of fear it. Cairnes also noted that accountants should have a healthy curiosity about new technology. This will allow them to capitalize on the opportunities that it offers.

As technology continues to evolve, it is also vital that accountants identify the various tools to improve their productivity.

Learn to Analyze Data

In addition to maintaining systems that process data, accountants also need to be able to analyze and interpret the information that they collect. This is especially important for accountants who are at the senior level or mid-career. They need to have the necessary skills in strategic analysis.

Critical thinking is also very important in accounting, as it can help people determine the significance of data.

According to Cairnes, accountants are in high demand due to their ability to think creatively and develop practical solutions based on data. In addition to planning and analyzing, she also noted that it is essential that accountants have the necessary skills in strategic analysis. This can be especially beneficial for people who are new to the profession.

Having the necessary skills in technology can also help accountants develop effective business strategies. People are looking for creative solutions delivered through effective recommendations.

Communication is Key

As the number of automated tasks continues to increase, accountants must provide the necessary skills to keep up with the changes.

According to Jotkowitz, having the necessary skills in communication can help accountants provide a superior level of service to their clients, whether you are new to the job or an experienced accountant.