It’s estimated that over 200 billion dollars are wasted each year by Americans who don’t manage their finances well. Fortunately, apps are abundant to help take control of finances and start saving for what matters most.


Personal finance management can be hard work, but apps like Mint, LevelUp, and One Needs a Budget make it more manageable. These budgeting apps will show you how to set up a budget with ease so that managing your money becomes second nature.


1) Mint

Mint will show you where your money goes each month and help curb wasteful spending. You can set budgets for various expenses, such as groceries or entertainment, so that you know exactly how much of your income to spend on different things. Mint also has an auto-categorization feature that allows it to categorize your expenses as you spend, making it much easier to keep track of where your money is going.


2) LevelUp

One of the most popular budgeting apps, LevelUp is a great way to save money while earning rewards. This app makes it easy for you to stay within your monthly spending limits. Every time you spend on something in their extensive list of participating merchants, you get rewarded with points that you can redeem towards future purchases.


3) One Needs A Budget

One of the most helpful budgeting apps for those who receive a steady income and want to save money is One Needs A Budget (ONB). It makes it easy to create small daily, weekly, or monthly budgets that you can tweak at any time. This app also allows users to set up their custom categories, such as education or medical expenses, to set aside money for whatever is most important.


It also allows users to easily adjust their budgets and lock in the adjustments after a certain period has passed. This feature makes it very easy to stick with your budgeting goals even if things change unexpectedly throughout the month or year.


4) GoodBudget

Another great budgeting app is Good Budget, which offers a unique way to manage your money. With this app, you can divide your monthly income into different categories and allocate what you need to spend each month. If budgets are too restrictive for you, with GoodBudget, it’s possible to add “splurge” money into your budget that you can spend on anything without worrying about going over.


5) PocketGuard

For those who want to save money on an ongoing basis, PocketGuard can help you achieve your goals. This app tracks all of your purchases and makes it easy for users to set savings goals so that they can build up a substantial emergency fund over time. Because even small amounts add up, the best way to use this tool is to set up automatic transfers from your checking account into a savings account every time you purchase.

This method takes the thinking out of saving and can help ensure that you can build up a substantial amount in no time at all.